The Store is now closed.  Thank you so much to all my customers for making this business venture enjoyable.  I have decided to take another path and grab on to other opportunities and therefore regrettably I need to say goodbye to Lush Tush for now.  Who knows...maybe Lush Tush will be back one day :)

Any outstanding orders have been posted :).  If you are interested in any of the stock still showing on the website please contact me through the Lush Tush facebook page.  Thank you!

This is the home of lovely fabric and notions (hand dyed bamboo velour, hand dyed bamboo fleece, hand dyed wool interlock, cotton knit and interlock fabrics, microfleece, PUL fabrics and elastic), funky custom or instock woollies (knitted or crocheted longies, shorties, soakers and skirties) and hand painted or kettle dyed 100% wool yarns (including BFL, merino and Cestari merino yarns). If you have some photo's of our products 'in action', you require larger quantities or would like an item custom made please contact us.